Filing or Correcting a Marriage Certificate in Russell County, Alabama

How do we file for a marriage certificate?

Effective 8/29/2019, to obtain a certificate of marriage, you must go to the Alabama Department of Public Health Website. Click Below for State Form:

What do we do once we have the form?

When you are finished filling out the form, you are                   required to have the form notarized     WITHIN THE STATE OF ALABAMA.

             Forms can no longer be notarized outside of                  the State of Alabama EFFECTIVE 6/27/2022

If either party to the marriage is not physically in Alabama to be able to sign, they cannot execute an Alabama Certificate.

We do offer notarization within our office for a fee of $10 per seal only with valid State issued ID. 

The date of the last notary becomes your                      date of marriage.

Do we still have a wedding ceremony?

The requirement of a ceremony has been removed and is not a requirement to form a marriage.  Ceremonies are not available within the courthouse.  However, you are welcome to have a ceremony if you choose.  You can find your own officiant below: or yellow pages

Do you need to correct a marriage certificate?

If your already filed marriage certificate (filed after 8/29/2019) contains an error, BOTH PARTIES may file an Amendment to Alabama Marriage Certificate and Decree of Correction. This form is very similar to the Alabama Marriage Certificate form. It is preferred that you file in the same county where you filed your original, but it is not required.  Must be notarized in the State of Alabama Only.  Notarization is available in our office for $10 per seal (Valid ID Required).

Filing fee is the same as an original certificate form.

For the Guidelines 

Click Here

For the Amendment Form:

Click Here


Still have questions?

Questions about the law should be directed to the Center for Health Statistics at (334) 206-2714

Want to file a complaint about the new laws?

Contact Senator Greg Albritton at 

(334)261-0843 or (251)937-0240

For filing information about marriage certificates

Please contact our office


Common Errors to check for before filing:

Full Current Names (first, middle, last, and suffix)

listed in box 1 and 13

List 2 and 14 is your maiden last name only

Do Not list United States as your State of Birth

Mother's names are their full MAIDEN names

Make sure you sign and date in front of an   ALABAMA NOTARY!

Do not use military date format.

Notary must sign, date, seal and have expiration date listed

Printed on one side only as actual size.

Cost to file the marriage certificate?

Filing a Marriage Certificate is $75.

(add fee for copies)

How do I get certified copies?

Certified Marriage Certificates are offered at a cost of $4.00 each.  If either party is underage the copy fee is $5.00 each due to an extra page attached.  They must be requested.  Include this fee when filing.

When do I have to file?

It would be the responsibility of the couple to present a completed certificate to the office within 30 days of the last date the form was notarized.  Be cautious of mailing times.  We must receive it before the 30 day mark.

What do we need to bring?

Only the completed certificate is required.  ID is only asked for when you want us to notarize your forms.  We will not ask for your birth certificate or divorce papers unless your name is not correct on your ID.

What times do you file marriage certificates?

You can bring your certificate into the office for filing.  

Anyone can bring it in.  We only need one person as long as it has already been notarized.

You do not need witnesses as there is no ceremony being performed within our office.

(remember ALABAMA notaries ONLY)  

We are here Monday - Friday from 8:30 - 4:30 PM EASTERN TIME  

Filing fee and copy fee is cash only when in person.


You may mail your completed certificates in with a cover letter to include your contact information and a MONEY ORDER for your total.  

Mailing Address:

                Judge of Probate

                Marriage Certificate Filing

                PO Box 700

                Phenix City, AL 36868-0700

If overnighting:

                Judge of Probate

                Marriage Certificate Filing

                1000 Broad Street

                Phenix City, AL 36867